bowl of matcha tea next to bowl with blueberries and pomegranates

The origins of OMGTea firmly position it as a health company first and foremost. It is, therefore, not surprising that OMGTea is the only matcha tea brand in the UK working with leading medical professionals to research the health claims regarding matcha.

We are incredibly proud to be involved in research and consider it a positive step forward not only for OMGTea but also for the matcha category overall.

We have already been involved in three key pieces of research in relation to the impact of quality matcha on fat oxidation and its’ effect on breast cancer stem cells. The findings have the potential to improve people’s health and well-being on a global scale.

Our latest research from Acadia University in Canada (2019) and in partnership with the University of Chichester in the UK, revealed that quality matcha can significantly increase fat burning during moderate exercise. Participants consumed 3 x 1gram servings of OMGTea Matcha per day for three weeks. In this study, the group data showed that exercise-induced fat oxidation was significantly increased by 35%!

You can read more on the full fat oxidation study in our blog and access the full results for all three studies on the PubMed website by clicking on the links above.