It’s nearly that time of year again, the launch of our annual OMGTea Matcha Challenge. The Challenge, where participants drink quality matcha every day for 21 days, officially started on January 1st, 2022 but it runs for two months to provide flexibility on timings. It is up to you when exactly you start it but we ask you to finish the Challenge and complete the survey no later than February 28th.

We are incredibly proud of the results we have had from this campaign in the last two years and are thrilled to be running it again this year, supporting more people in making healthy choices.

At the heart of the OMGTea Matcha Challenge, is our belief that drinking matcha daily is a simple way to do something positive for your health and wellbeing, which will have both immediate and long-term benefits.

What are some of the potential benefits of drinking quality matcha?

Matcha is renowned for its wide-ranging health benefits and in Japan, it has a long history of being used for various medicinal purposes. ⁠There are nearly too many to mention, so we will just list a few of our favourites below.

  • Quality matcha is an absolute antioxidant powerhouse, surpassing other antioxidant-rich superfoods like blueberries, dark chocolate, and kale. The high antioxidant content assists your body's production of T-Cells which reduce inflammation and fight pathogens. This makes matcha a great immune system booster.
  • The components in Matcha work synergistically with the caffeine it contains to reduce physiological and psychological stresses. Matcha is rich in the amino acid L-Theanine. It boosts alpha brain waves to promote a more alert state of relaxation, which keeps you calm, focused, and energised for hours. 
  • Chlorophyll is not only what gives matcha tea and other plants their rich green colour it’s also a powerful detoxifier, helping to eliminate both chemicals and heavy metals from the body. ⁠Due to the way that matcha is cultivated, in particular being shade-grown the last few weeks before picking, it is significantly higher in chlorophyll than other green teas thus, making it an excellent daily detox.⁠
  • Studies have shown that matcha tea consumption helps to lower cholesterol levels. It is thought that this may be because it helps to inhibit lipid absorption in the digestive tract.⁠ 
  • Quality matcha increases fat burning, which may boost weight loss for those undertaking regular exercise. Recent research from Acadia University in Canada and in partnership with the University of Chichester in the UK, showed that quality matcha can significantly increase fat burning during moderate exercise. Participants had higher fat burning during brisk walking with quality Matcha green tea. Researchers examined the effects of three weeks daily intake of OMGTea Matcha on substrate oxidation during moderate exercise in females. Participants consumed 3 x 1 gram servings of OMGTea Matcha per day for three weeks. In this study, the group data showed that exercise-induced fat oxidation was significantly increased by 35%!

What is the OMGTea Matcha Challenge?

 We have set our Matcha Challenge at 21 days as we think this is the ideal amount of time to give your body a chance to adapt to the healthy, restorative and energising effects of matcha.

The challenge is simple, have a minimum of one serving per day. One serving is one gram or half a teaspoon and it can be consumed as a tea, in a latte or smoothie, as a supplement or in other recipes of your choice.

There are just a couple of key things to remember: 

  • Water or milk should be no more than 80 degrees Celsius. Any hotter and it will degrade the nutrients and could make it taste bitter.
  • Baking or cooking with matcha delivers a beautiful colour and a great taste but it will also affect the nutrients meaning that you won’t experience the same benefits, unless of course, it is a raw recipe.

At the end of the 21 days, we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire. The purpose of the survey is to reflect on your experience and evaluate the impact daily consumption of matcha has had on your health and wellbeing.

The survey includes questions related to mood, exercise, endurance, etc. This will be our third year doing the Matcha Challenge. Results from the previous two years have been extremely positive. Here are just a few highlights from last year.

  • 80% of participants noticed an improvement in their mood and/or general wellbeing
  • 84% said that drinking matcha made them want to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • 84% experienced an increase in energy 
  • 63% noticed an increase in focus

63% of participants experienced other positive effects too! In our survey, we also asked respondents to share details of any other positive effects they experienced, with feedback including healthier looking skin, better digestion, less anxious and improved state of mind, etc.

You can read more about the results from last year’s Matcha Challenge Survey, including more detailed feedback from participants, in our blog.  And to sign up to the 2022 Matcha Challenge, email us on 


Everyone who completes the survey will also be entered into a competition to WIN A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF OUR BEST-SELLING OMGTEA AAA GRADE MATCHA and NEW to the competition this year, we have also added 5 runners up prizes of a £25 voucher to use on

Terms & Conditions apply and can be found on our FAQ's page.

Who should participate? 

The challenge is open to everyone!  Whether this is your first time trying matcha or you have been drinking matcha or OMGTea for years, the OMGTea Matcha Challenge is a great way to be more mindful of your mental and physical state.

We believe that there is a real benefit to drinking matcha regularly and our survey gives you the opportunity to reflect on your experience and see for yourself.

It also gives you the chance to WIN a year’s supply of matcha and which, is surely reason enough to sign up!