OMGTea’s easily understandable ‘A’ system is to differentiate between each product.

This system is similar to one often used to select the finest grains of wood to craft high-end guitars.

AAA+ is our most premium grade and ideal for drinking straight Japanese style. Similar to our AAA Grade, it is made with leaves from the first harvest. However, it is the blend of leaves that are different; tea leaves from different plant and tea fields are combined in the same way grapes of different varieties are combined to create some wines. This is where the invaluable tea master comes in; his palate, knowledge and experience is used to blend the leaves to create the different grades, so although they are both high grade, the AAA+ is even higher.

OMGTea AAA Grade is a premium ceremonial grade for Matcha lovers who appreciate the fine taste and who like it traditionally straight Japanese style.

OMG Tea AA High grade for drinking alone or as a latte. It’s our midrange market matcha, still better than most matcha products labelled premium or ceremonial that you will find on the UK market.