OMGTea Iced Matcha Mint - 3 Pack


Made strictly with AAA-grade matcha green tea, peppermint and purified, de-ionised water. With zero sugar and zero preservatives, our new ready-to-drink range is the ultimate in clean energy and the Iced Matcha Mint uses invigorating peppermint to refresh and rejuvenate the body and mind, providing a perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

 With its ground-breaking twist-cap technology, nutrients are kept fresh and potent by storing them separately from the water in an airtight dosing cap. This ensures the matcha retained 100% of its health benefits. Simply twist, press and shake to activate the product just before consuming.

Matcha is already renowned for offering dozens of potential health benefits - it has 15 x the nutritional value of regular green tea. This new range of Iced Matcha is the ideal solution for a healthy lifestyle on the go.

It’s the perfect drink for:

  • fitness fanatics
  • yogis
  • busy hardworking people

It helps your day feel more extraordinary as it offers an:

  • uplifting boost in energy
  • increased focus
  • a sense of clarity and calm

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