In January 2010, my mum was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I vowed to do everything I could do to help her and started working with a breast cancer charity that funds world-class research. I spent a lot of time in the research unit and was fascinated to see what was being discovered. The Research Director had an interest in antioxidants, I found out about the importance of antioxidants in our diets, particularly when fighting disease, and the high levels found in green tea. If my mum was going to drink any green tea, it had to be the best, and it was then that I discovered matcha.

We both started drinking matcha green tea and felt great, my mum was taking back some control that her illness robbed from her and I was doing something positive to help. I felt so passionate about matcha that five years after my mum’s diagnosis, I launched OMGTea, a specialist matcha green tea company. 

A year after starting OMGTea, I also founded The Healthy Life Foundation, a charity that funds research into age related diseases, including cancer.

Above, we are pictured celebrating my birthday in July 2020. We both continue to drink Matcha tea every day with the occasional glass of fizz thrown in!