Healthy Life Foundation

We support The Healthy Life Foundation

By choosing OMGTea,  not only will you be making your life better but through The Healthy Life Foundation you will also be helping to fund ongoing ground breaking scientific and medical research.

At OMGTea we are extremely passionate about our commitment to creating a range of products with the highest possible standards whilst donating a portion of the company’s profits to The Healthy Life Foundation who in turn will invest this into critical and amazing research projects. 

Registered Charity Number 116115

The Healthy Life Foundation

Today, we are living longer than ever before, but for many of us that extended life will be spent fighting diseases and living with pain and suffering.  Ageing is the biggest risk factor for the major diseases facing society today, including cancer, heart disease, stroke and dementia. To help us to enjoy our longer lives, we need to tackle age-related diseases. The Healthy Life Foundation has been set up to fund research into age-related diseases.

VISION: Help people live healthier for longer

MISSION: Develop safer, cheaper and more effective treatments for age related diseases by funding multiple research projects and clinical trials to identify alternative treatments for diseases like cancer, including opportunities to re-purpose existing FDA / MHRA approved drugs.

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