OMGTea Green Gold Organic Matcha Super Premium

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Introducing Green Gold, our new limited edition, super premium organic matcha. Available in limited quantities, Green Gold is our highest grade matcha and one of the finest organic matcha teas produced in Japan.

Offering truly outstanding quality, Green Gold has a fresh taste with notes of umami and a sweet finish. This matcha delivers pure enjoyment and should always be consumed as tea to experience its true quality. It is also suitable for preparation as Koicha (strong, thick matcha). 

Green Gold is made exclusively with leaves from the first harvest, carefully selected from the top of the plant. However, it is the blend of leaves that elevate the quality of Green Gold even more. Tea leaves from different plant and tea fields are combined in the same way grapes of different varieties are combined to create some wines. This is where the invaluable tea masters come in, their palate, knowledge and extensive experience are used to blend the leaves to create the different grades.

Regarding the critical blending process, the most important aspects of matcha are colour, flavour and aroma, but not every tea leaf contains a balanced amount of these aspects. Blending therefore, is an integral part of enhancing the desirable characteristics and creating great tasting, high quality matcha.

During blending our tea masters segment distinct aspects and levels of quality into several different grades of matcha such as the AAA and AAA+ in our current range. Both products are very high grade, ceremonial organic matcha with Green Gold now at the top of all the grades.

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17 Apr 2022
Jennifer S.
United Kingdom


Really loved the Gold Green Matcha Tea. I also got my husband to drink it. This was a bonus..... thank you.

31 Mar 2022
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I love matcha and had to try this one ASAP! It's delicious really mild, sweet and not bitter at all, its my new go to matcha! I love it! Thank you OMGTEA for bringing this to us

16 Mar 2022
Georgiana B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Delicious tasting matcha

I usually buy the AAA+ and love the mild taste, so when the green gold super premium came up, I couldn’t resist trying it despite the price. I was amazed by how delicious it is! It’s very smooth and sweet, and the powder doesn’t clump when making the tea (I don’t use a strainer). The green gold matcha is now my favourite treat!

04 Mar 2022
Susan F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Mild and Sweet

I’m a big fan of OMG matcha and have tried all the grades; couldn’t resist this ‘Super Premium’ as a treat, even though pricey. It is very good; I would recommend it to anyone who normally finds the taste of Matcha too bitter, because this is so mild that it is almost sweet in comparison to others. Personally I prefer a more grassy, robust taste so I probably wouldn’t buy again. However I loved the chance to try something new so please continue with these special editions.

01 Mar 2022
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Delightful Treat

I am a bit of a matcha addict and go through two tins of the AAA+ grade per month. When I saw this, I was curious as to how much better matcha could get and this absolutely lived up to the ‘Super Premium’ name. It is smooth, sweet and absolutely delicious! If you are looking for a matcha treat, this is it! Enjoy!

24 Feb 2022
United Kingdom United Kingdom

lives up to the name

I love the AAA variety, and In all honesty, I was curious by the name and I wasn't sure what to expect when I brought it. Genuinely shocked how it doesn't have that earthy grassy taste to it instead it's deliciously sweet and a beautiful vibrant neon green colour. A real luxury treat but I'm glad i did buy it and highly recommended it

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