OMGtea teafield

OMGTea is grown in Kagoshima in Southern Japan, a province that is a leader in organic farming. Unlike other green teas, matcha cultivation involves shading the plants with bamboo three to four weeks before harvesting. This process boosts the nutrient levels of matcha to extraordinary levels.

The plants, which grow in near-darkness, compensate for the lack of light by producing an intense amount of chorophyll. The leaves become packed with amino acids and the chlorophyll rises to the top.  This is why only the youngest, most tender, emerald green leaves are harvested from the top third of the bush.

The best leaves are carefully picked by hand and freeze-dried, after which the stems, stalks and veins are removed and discarded. The leaves are ground into a fine powder – it takes an hour for a traditional granite stone mill to grind 30 to 40 grams of matcha – the amount in one tin. Faster grinding would burn and spoil the leaves.

OMGTea uses only the highest quality matcha across all three grades. Even our entry-level AA matcha, blended from first and second harvest leaves, is deemed ‘ceremonial grade’ and is superior to the current market leader in terms of quality. Our AAA+ and AAA matcha teas are made from premium first harvest hand picked leaves.