How to make the perfect cup of matcha

Making the perfect cup of matcha is easier than you might think and requires only one or two key tools. 

Below, we share with you our top tips for a smooth and frothy cup every time!

Step 1

Get the temperature right

If you can, set the temperature on your kettle to 80 °C or less. If you don’t have a temperature control kettle, however, don’t worry.  Simply let the kettle boil and then leave it for approximately 10 minutes to cool down. You should always use hot and not boiling water. If the water is too hot, it will degrade the nutrients and could also result in making the taste bitter.⁠

Step 2

Use a tea strainer

Using a fine tea strainer, sift 1 gram (1/2 a level teaspoon) of matcha into a cup/bowl. Quality matcha is an ultra-fine powder and easily becomes electrostatic, forming lumps. By putting your match through a fine sieve, you will remove these and thus, ensure a smooth, clump-free cup every time.

Top Tips: We think a fine strainer is the most important tool in the preparation of matcha and highly recommend using one to get the most of your matcha. Our OMGTea spoons measure out exactly one gram to ensure you use the right amount every time.

Step 3

Use a bamboo whisk

Pour in approximately 10ml of water and using a bamboo whisk, whisk the matcha quickly in an M shape motion back and forth so that it froths. This motion forces air into the mix and bubbles start to form. After about 15 seconds a lovely full froth emerges, then add more water to taste.

Tip: The amount of water you use will vary depending on how strong you like your tea. We recommend around 250 to 300ml.

Alternate Step 3

Use a milk / tea frother

A hand-held battery operated matcha tea/milk frother is a very good alternative to the bamboo whisk. We use this Aerolatte one that was developed specifically for matcha. 

To use one, follow the steps below:

Pour in approximately 10ml of water and then simply submerge the frother into your matcha and hold the power button until you get rich, creamy foam, then add more water to taste.


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