OMGTea Organic Matcha AAA Grade 30g



OMGTEA AAA Grade Matcha Tea is a high grade organic, premium ceremonial tea. Each tin contains 30g / 30 servings.

Real matcha comes from Japan and is made from the finest shade-grown leaves stone-ground to a fine powder. OMGTea AAA is made with only the finest leaves from the top of the plant and first harvest ground using a traditional granite stone mill, a process that takes more than an hour to grind 30 grams.

This award-winning, high grade matcha tea is ideal for consuming straight as a tea.


Place 1/2 heaped teaspoon of matcha into a tea strainer over a mug or bowl to remove any lumps. Add a few drops of 80℃ water and mix to create a paste. Fill with more 80℃ water and whisk until frothy and smooth.


Smooth and sweet taste, rich in umami
Bright and vibrant green
Fine, smooth texture (may create lumps but this is a sign of quality!)
Vegan friendly and gluten free

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