OMGTea Gift Set with AAA+ Organic Matcha


OMGTea Organic Matcha Green Tea Gift Set includes:

AAA+ grade organic matcha 30g 

Chasen, hand crafted 100% bamboo whisk

OMGTea matcha measuring spoon

All your matcha essentials presented in a premium OMGTEA gift box, making it an ideal present for matcha newbies or afficionados alike.

OMGTEA AAA+ Grade Matcha 

OMGTEA AAA+ Grade Matcha Green Tea is one of our highest grade organic, premium ceremonial teas. It has recently been awarded a highly coveted 3-Star Great Taste Award 2022.

Real matcha comes from Japan and is made from the finest shade-grown leaves stone-ground to a fine powder. OMGTea AAA+ is made exclusively with the finest leaves from the top of the plant and first harvest ground using a traditional granite stone mill, a process that takes more than an hour to grind 30 grams.

This award-winning, very high grade matcha is for matcha lovers who enjoy their matcha straight, as a tea.

What is the difference between AAA+ and AAA?

AAA+ is a premium grade and ideal for drinking straight Japanese style. Similar to our AAA Grade, it is made with leaves from the first harvest. However, it is the blend of leaves that are different; tea leaves from different plant and tea fields are combined in the same way grapes of different varieties are combined to create some wines. This is where the invaluable tea master comes in; his palate, knowledge and experience is used to blend the leaves to create the different grades, so although they are both high grade, the AAA+ is even higher.


Place 1/2 heaped teaspoon of matcha into a tea strainer over a mug or bowl to remove any lumps. Add a few drops of 80℃ water and mix to create a paste. Fill with more 80℃ water and whisk until frothy and smooth.


Smooth and sweet taste, rich in umami
Bright and vibrant green 
Fine, smooth texture (may create lumps but this is a sign of quality!) 
Vegan friendly and gluten free

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