One of our customers compares our matcha lattes to a warm hug and we couldn't agree more! Whether it's for a mid-morning pick me up or an afternoon treat, nothing is better and we want to share our top tips for making the perfect matcha latte with you...


Using a tea strainer sift 1⁄2 teaspoon or 1 gram of OMGTea into a cup/bowl.


Add a little hot, not boiling water (80°C or below) and whisk into your matcha with a whisk or milk frother


Then just add 250ml of hot (80°C or below) oat or nut milk and whisk

Tip: We love a little dash of vanilla or almond extract but you could also add a little honey or natural sweetener to taste


A battery operated matcha tea/milk frother is a very good alternative to the bamboo whisk. To use follow the step below. Pour in approx. 10 ml of the water then simply submerge the frother into your matcha and hold the power button until you get rich, creamy foam, then add milk to taste.

And enjoy!