Matcha Challenge 2021: The Results are In!

Thank you & Congratulations

We were absolutely thrilled with the level of interest in the OMGTea Matcha Challenge this year and want to thank everyone who participated.

Congratulations to our prize draw winner of Matcha for a Year, Ferdia Stone-Davis. She will receive one 30g tin of our OMGTea AAA Grade Matcha every month for the next 12 months. 

Why the Matcha Challenge?

It was having experienced the benefits of drinking quality matcha daily that prompted Katherine to start OMGTea and spreading the word about this extraordinary green powder continues to be one of the main purposes of OMGTea today.

We started the OMGTea Matcha Challenge in 2020 as a way to encourage people to drink matcha on a daily basis, which is the best way to experience all the benefits it has to offer, whilst also using the survey as a vehicle to reflect on the positive influence regular matcha intake can have.

This year we wanted to build on this and provide more support for all participants, by sharing matcha recipes and tips throughout the challenge. The number of participants more than doubled vs. 2020 and we are already looking ahead to 2022 to find ways of building upon the current programme to make it even more value adding for everyone. If there is anything you would like to see us include in next year’s Challenge, we’d love to hear your suggestions which you can email to us.

We believe that drinking quality matcha daily is a simple way to do something positive for your health that will have both immediate and long-lasting benefits.  The results from the OMGTea Matcha Challenge 2021 survey certainly support that belief and we are delighted to be able to share them with you.

The Results are in!

A whopping 84% of participants experienced an increase in energy 

Who hasn’t looked for ways to boost their energy levels, particularly in the dark days of January and February?  Energy levels can be affected by factors including stress, over work and sleep issues and we were really pleased to learn that so many participants experienced a real energy boost during the challenge.

 “After drinking OMGTea matcha, I feel more ready & have more energy to tackle the day & I feel more refreshed.”

“Really feel like this has improved my running ability”

“My morning matcha is the kick that starts the day. I feel a definitive lift in energy and mental acuity…on the odd day that I don’t have matcha there is a noticeable difference.” 

And it was interesting to note that some participants found that it was helpful in supporting them with some of the challenges the pandemic has created…

 “Able to power through the working day a lot more! Working from home was proving a little difficult since I was finding less time to get out of the house for exercise meaning I felt even more tired. The help of the matcha challenge improved this a lot!”

63% noticed an increase in focus

With plenty of distractions at the moment, it can be difficult to stick to tasks or feel like we have the mental head space to focus on things that need to get done so it was great to see that 63% of respondents noticed an increase in focus and felt that drinking matcha daily made a significant difference.

“I have matcha in the morning before I start work, which is currently at home and all online. I am in education, and it really gives me a sustained focus, across a fast paced and often stressful day.”
 “I completed my tasks for the day when usually I would procrastinate”
 “A definite increase in mental acuity. Lack of focus has been a known issue, drinking matcha has made a marked difference.”
 “Yes, I feel more motivated, less procrastination going on.”
 “I feel a cleaner sense of focus if that makes any sense.”
 “I didn’t get any sense of lethargy through my challenging days.

Encouragingly, 84% said that drinking matcha made them want to lead a healthier lifestyle

Many participants stated that starting their day with matcha had a ripple effect and positively influenced their other decisions regarding diet, exercise, etc.  taken throughout the day and beyond.

"If something as simple as drinking Matcha can have such an immediate positive effect, it makes me inspired to make more changes."

"The holistic aspect of appreciating the process and the tea itself means that I'm in a better frame of mind to get some fresh air and eat better - even if it's just a handful of grapes as a snack instead of chocolate!"

“Absolutely! I think this is one of the main benefits I found. Drinking a cup first thing helps kickstart my morning, get me in the right mindset to make healthier choices throughout the day.”


62% noticed an increase in endurance during exercise

After completing the 2020 Matcha Challenge, Sprint Olympic Silver Medalist and 3 x World Champion, Jamie Baulch said, 

Many of our 2021 Challenge participants also noticed that they could exercise more or for longer when drinking quality matcha daily.

 “My exercise at the moment is limited to stepping. But I can answer a definite yes to this. My steps have really increased, partly because of wanting to stay healthy in a confined time, but also because I have more energy and drive!”

 “I haven’t done a lot of strenuous exercise during this challenge but even going on walks made me feel like I could just keep on going! :)” 

“I could do more cardio without getting breathless or tired compared to before the challenge.” 

An impressive 80% noticed an improvement in their mood and/or general well-being

We all need a helping hand to stay on top of our well-being sometimes, even elite athletes like Colin Jackson who did the 2020 Matcha Challenge and had this to say about it...

Colin Ray Jackson olympic silver medalist, world hurdle champion quote

And particularly with the challenges thrown at all of us throughout the last year, we were thrilled to learn that 80% of respondents found that drinking matcha daily improved their mood and / or general well-being. Comments included… 

 “With what’s been a very challenging time for many recently, it hasn’t always been easy to see the light and remain positive, but I definitely feel this challenge has lifted my spirits and mood.”

“Generally calmer and less stressed. More tolerant.”

“ I do suffer with anxiety and feeling low. But I have been having matcha consistently, and it does elevate my mood. Because it doesn't increase my anxiety, it is also an excellent option for me.”   

“ Yes, just felt better all round. Doing something good for yourself helps generate that feeling of well-being. Being kind to yourself!”

63% of participants experienced other positive effects too!

In our survey, we also asked respondents to share details of any other positive effects they experienced, with feedback including healthier looking skin, better digestion, improved state of mind, etc.

 “I think since I added matcha to my daily routine my skin looks better, never used to get compliments about my complexion before.”

“I think the ritual of making matcha has really helped me, especially at this time. Taking time to warm my oat milk, sieve my matcha, whisk and serve is really good for my state of mind, and to remind myself to be present to myself and present in the moment. To not worry and just be.”

 “I have been sleeping much better and felt less anxious. Last year I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and my sleep had been very erratic but since drinking OMG Matcha regularly I notice less anxiety and much improved sleep. Thank you so much!!!!"


These results are extremely encouraging and hearing first-hand about the impact drinking OMGTea matcha has had on our consumers has been both humbling and motivating.  We are sincerely grateful to everyone who took the time to share their experience with us.

If you should have any questions regarding this research or the Matcha Challenge, don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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