Japanese Matcha Powerhouse Invests in UK Matcha Business, OMGTea

Matcha powerhouse, AIYA has invested in leading UK Matcha green tea business, OMGTea. The partnership between AIYA and OMGTea marks an exciting development in the world of Matcha green tea. AIYA, with its impressive 136-year history, is the largest producer globally, spanning operations in Asia, Europe, and North America. According to Mordor Intelligence, the global Matcha Market, valued at a remarkable £3.06 billion, is anticipated to grow by 9.46% by 2028 – driven by the rising popularity of Matcha and its health benefits.

OMGTea founder, Katherine Swift, discovered AIYA more than ten years ago during her research on Matcha. Motivated by her mother's breast cancer diagnosis, Katherine became aware of the importance of antioxidants in our diets and the high levels found in green tea. If her mum was going to drink any green tea, it had to be the best, and it was then that she found matcha.

They both started drinking Matcha green tea and felt great, her mum was taking back some control that her illness robbed from her and Katherine was doing something positive to help. She felt so passionate about Matcha that a few years later, Katherine launched OMGTea.

The brand is founded on a commitment to the highest quality organic products, and AIYA has been the exclusive Matcha supplier for OMGTea since its inception.

AIYA has closely observed OMGTea's remarkable growth, making it their largest customer in the UK market. The combination of OMGTea's strong performance, unique personal story and emphasis on health made them a natural choice for a partnership.

AIYA Europe CEO, Thomas Grömer, says:

“OMGTea is the leading Matcha brand and Matcha pioneer in the UK market. This position, combined with the unique and inspiring story behind the brand and it’s super-premium Matcha range, made investment into OMGTea the next logical step for AIYA. We can’t wait to support OMGTea in gaining an even stronger national presence, providing quality matcha to consumers seeking a longer, healthier and better life.”

OMGTea will continue to provide their customers with the same range of only the highest quality organic Matcha and increased opportunity for new product development in this fast-growing industry, while staying true to their core values. 

OMGTea Founder & CEO, Katherine Swift, says:

“We have worked extremely hard over the last ten years and feel honoured that AIYA sees not only how far we have come but also the potential for the brand in the future. As a brand with strong ethics embedded into our DNA, it was important to us that any partner shared the same values and vision, and AIYA truly are the perfect match for OMGTea.”

Overall, the collaboration between AIYA and OMGTea is poised to make a significant impact on the Matcha market and consumers can expect to see a broader range of high-quality matcha products and increased accessibility to this popular superfood.