Matcha Challenge 2023 Results

It’s hard to believe that we have now completed our 4th annual Matcha Challenge, where in the months of January and February, participants commit to consuming at least on serving of matcha every day for 21 days and then complete a survey related to the impact it's had on their health and wellbeing.

Launched in 2020, the Matcha Challenge has gone from strength to strength each year. We were thrilled to have more participants than ever this year, which was a 28% increase on 2022 and more than 3 x as many as when it all started. The feedback has been extremely encouraging too 

Living and eating well can be challenging sometimes and we think that consuming one serving of matcha each day is an excellent way to support your overall health and well-being. It wasn’t surprising to learn therefore, that this was the number one reason why 60% of all participants signed up. Another key reason was to be entered into the competition to win matcha for a year, which brings us on nicely to the news of our grand prize winner…

We are delighted to announce that Alia Malik is the winner of our random draw for an annual subscription of our best-selling OMGTea AAA Grade Matcha. Five other lucky winners were also awarded 5 x £25 gift certificates to be used on

Matcha Challenge Winner

On winning matcha for a year, Alia says…

OMG!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH - I’m elated and so grateful!
I have been drinking matcha tea for years but finding a brand of tea that I truly loved the taste of has been a journey! After trying what felt like dozens of brands I stumbled across OMG and haven’t looked back since. I’ve found a brand I love and I’m proud to be able to support a small business. Thank you so much once again for this amazing surprise - one which will keep me smiling for a while to come!

Tea or latte?

Participants enjoyed their matcha in a few different ways during the Challenge period with 65% of taking it as a latte, 53% straight as tea and 6% putting it into a smoothie. Other ways included mixing it into Greek yoghurt, Chia pudding, etc.

matcha latte on marble table

90% experienced an increase in energy

A key benefit of quality matcha can be sustained energy. Matcha contains approximately 34mg of caffeine compared to 90-180g for a cup of coffee. It is the combination of the amino acid L-Theanine, found in matcha, and caffeine that makes it a slow release said to give matcha drinkers an energy boost between 3 and 6 hours.  A whopping 90% of participants experienced increased energy and here is what they had to say about it:

I definitely noticed an increase in mental as well as physical energy, and it also felt like it was sustained from the early morning until late in the day. This has really positively affected my workflow!
I suffer from chronic illness and pain. There’s a large fatigue component and the matcha helped me have more energy.
OMG matcha is a little cup of energy, after consuming I felt more energised and had no energy crash.
I have been consuming matcha for about a month now, and I have found that the longer I consume it, the more energy I have throughout the day. I highly recommend giving it a try for anyone looking for a natural boost of energy.
Making sure I had matcha EVERY day rather than missing out a day here and there really showed a difference in my energy. No afternoon naps needed!

79% experienced improved focus and concentration

bowl of matcha next to Buddha statue

For more than 800 years, the Zen Buddhist Monks have been using matcha to support their meditation and, matcha was also the tea the Samurai turned to before battle, because of its long-lasting energy boost and its ability to promote a state of relaxed awareness and concentration.

Quality matcha continues to provide the same benefits today, 79% of our Matcha Challenge participants noticed an improvement in concentration and their ability to complete tasks more effectively.

I didn’t lose concentration as easily with a hard task.
My focus was sharper, and I felt more energised for a longer period of time.
Specifically, I have noticed improved mental clarity and a focused yet calming energy. I found myself to be in the present moment.
I am a teaching assistant and my ability to focus and give my full attention to the children is totally boosted since starting to drink matcha daily.
I definitely felt my concentration on tasks improved. I have been able to complete reading tasks much more quickly and feel myself taking on more challenging tasks because my focus and energy levels are so improved. I think I have noticed an improvement in my mood and approach towards my work as well because of it.

88% said drinking matcha regularly made them feel like they wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle

The Snowball Effect is a psychological term that explains how small actions at the beginning can cause bigger and bigger actions ultimately resulting in a huge change. It's a bit like the idea that a small snowball rolling down from the top of a mountain can end up causing an avalanche.

We like to think that consuming matcha daily is that small action or snowball at the beginning that can lead to bigger positive changes. It is a simple thing that we can all do to support our health and well-being, which is positive on its own but can also encourage us to make other changes or do other things that are good for us.

88% of participants agree and here is what some of them had to say:
My New Year’s resolution was to revamp my morning routine with a mug of matcha and a quick yoga session before work. This has had an impact on my whole lifestyle.
My daily morning matcha hit sets the tone for the day and makes me more aware of healthier choices.
The ritual of making matcha every morning makes me want to continue the healthy habits throughout the day.
I think feeling so good after consistently drinking matcha daily for this period has made me interested in other supplements and working out more with holistic activities like yoga and dance.
I have been incorporating matcha into my daily routine for a few weeks now and I have found that it has a positive impact on my overall well-being, and it encourages me to make healthier choices in my daily life.
Healthy start to the days sets the tone for me.

matcha latte and bowl of fruit on marble table

More than half of respondents also found that drinking matcha regularly helped them to curb cravings and cut out snacking.

86% noticed an increase in endurance

The slow and steady release of energy that matcha provides means that drinkers can maintain their athletic performance for extended periods of time. The caffeine in matcha also helps to improve reaction time and focus while the amino acid L-theanine has been shown to increase maximum oxygen uptake.

For those who exercised regularly throughout the Challenge, 86% noted an increase in their ability to exercise for longer.
I felt that I was able to push myself harder and for longer periods of time. I have found that it has been a great addition to my exercise routine.
For my daily walks I ended up staying out for several more hours. The perfect substitute to coffee as there is no sudden loss in energy or jitters later in the day.
I am feeling more energised throughout the day. There is no shying away from a daily exercise session now!
I definitely felt more uplifted after drinking matcha which helped my workouts.
Certainly, more energy when I exercised after a matcha.

86% experienced improved mood and overall wellbeing

Another positive side-effect of the L-Theanine found in matcha is the production of dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals are known to enhance mood, improve memory and promote better concentration.

It was wonderful to learn that 86% of our Matcha Challenge participants benefited from better mood, particularly in January and February, two of the typically more challenging months of the year.
By changing from black teas to Matcha it has supported a calmer mindset allowing the mind to slow down and connect more with the body.
Definitely feel calmer.
It has become a ritual that supports my well-being and is tasty, it’s part of my me time.
I feel happier when I have more energy.
I have been more positive and conversational at work in my customer facing role.

82% of those who took part in the Challenge felt more present in the moment

brass tray with teapot bowl of matcha and bamboo whisk

The Buddhist monks found consuming matcha tea an energising and meditative experience, enhancing their ability to meditate and focus for hours on end. At some point, the preparation of the tea became almost as important as consuming it, as they believed it achieved a certain catharsis.

Mindfulness is important for our mental health and well-being and the process of preparing and consuming matcha helps to focus the mind so that we can be more present in the moment.

Like the monks over the last 800 years, 82% of our Challenge participants felt more present in the moment when consuming matcha. Here is what some of them had to say about it…
A ritual when I have my tea is to take a moment to look at nature and be thankful. When I don’t have my morning matcha, I don't do that!
Preparing my matcha in the morning is a ritual I look forward to - my form of meditation and allowing myself to be more mindful and present. I find it a positive way to start my morning and sets me up for the rest of the day!
I have noticed improved mental clarity and a focused yet calming energy. I found myself to be in the present moment. I noticed things in my surroundings and could take in so much information, which I have never experienced before.
I do feel more mindful and less distracted. My periods of deep work have lengthened because of this, and I feel more peaceful and capable of completing one task after another quite simply and mindfully.

67% of participants noticed improvements to their skin.

Matcha is anti-bacterial and contains incredibly high levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is helpful in reducing inflammation and to even skin tone. The antioxidants are also known for reducing acne and increasing skin elasticity. We were thrilled to learn that in just 21 days, 67% of all participants noticed a marked improvement in their skin, with some mentioning fewer breakouts, brighter skin and a healthy glow!

My family & friends have noticed dramatic changes in my appearance in-terms of glowing skin and weight loss saying I look 10 years younger.

I used to suffer from acne on my face and ever since I introduced matcha to my day-to-day life, my skin has gotten better and better, to the point where now I barely have breakouts.

There has been a massive improvement, and I have hyperpigmentation on my face and neck, over the past few weeks whilst using AAA grade matcha my skin has become more even toned.

Thank you!

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated. We are thrilled to know that so many of you are experiencing the benefits of OMGTea matcha and truly humbled by some of the feedback.

If you should have any questions regarding this research or the Matcha Challenge, don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Matcha Challenge 5th Anniversary

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