5 Reasons to Love Matcha

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and we think it’s the perfect time to show appreciation for our favourite tea. There are so many reasons why we love matcha that we could write a book on the health benefits alone!

However, we thought we would share just a few of our favourites and some lesser-known reasons why matcha is so lovable…

1. Matcha provides a sustainable energy boost.

We simply couldn’t write a blog on why we love matcha without mentioning its’ benefit of providing sustainable energy. The combination of the naturally occurring amino acids and caffeine found in quality matcha, can give an instant yet consistent boost to energy levels. Most people feel the stimulative effects of a cup of matcha for at least two hours, but they can last up to six hours for some.⁠

2. Matcha is great for detoxifying the body.

Matcha is packed with chlorophyll, which is not only what gives matcha tea and other plants their rich green colour but it’s also a powerful detoxifier, helping to eliminate both chemicals and heavy metals from the body. ⁠Combined with an exceptionally high level of antioxidants, it is great for detoxifying the body.⁠

3. Matcha is a sustainable food crop.

It is imported from Japan, which could possibly be why the sustainability credentials of matcha are one of this extraordinary tea’s less acknowledged benefits. We think it’s important to note however, that matcha is the only kind of tea that uses the entire leaf and therefore, it offers health benefits and environmental advantages that other varieties of tea do not.

It only requires harvesting the plant’s leaves meaning that…

“A typical tea plant that is used to produce matcha can live for a half-century or more, making it one of the most sustainable and environmental food crops in existence.”

Furthermore, by using the whole leaf, matcha requires less waste than other types of tea, which only use part of the leaf and only for an extract with the bag or leaves discarded after use.

4. Matcha can help to support your mental health.

Matcha has extraordinarily high amounts of the amino acid L-theanine, which has strong associations with the production of alpha waves in the brain. When L-theanine is absorbed into the bloodstream, dopamine and serotonin levels tend to rise and produce alpha waves, which often create feelings of well-being, general happiness, relaxation, and alertness. ⁠

5. Matcha epitomises tradition and craftsmanship.

Matcha is the result of over 800 years of skill and knowledge, passed down from generation to generation. The manufacture and consumption of matcha in Japan is steeped in tradition and due to the sophistication of the full cultivation and production process, only a very few tea farmers know how to produce matcha. In fact, of Japan’s 30,000 tea farmers, there are only 500 matcha producers. We think this demonstrates the expertise and dedication required to make this extraordinary tea and how special it truly is!

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