Mindfulness Tricks from The Matcha Guru

Serenity. Bliss. Pleasure. Calm. Composure. Patience. Tranquility. Mindfulness.


Have you found it yet?

What about now?

Did you ever really have it?

Or maybe, it is transiently lost.

Mindfulness has become a battlefield. There are apps, there are books, there are websites, there are even instructor led mindfulness classes. Mindful is an overarching term for being utterly self aware and in some ways, emotional mature and responsible. Practising mindfulness has been found to reduce stress, relieve symptoms of anxiety and triggers your inner computer so you are more likely to complete tasks and reach your goals. Here at OMGTea we want to share our natural calming mindfulness tips with you:


TIP #1

Doodle, colour or draw.Getting creative releases endorphins and turns those childhood brain cogs that used to draw magnificent castles anddragons. Unleash your inner child and put pen to paper again. Most stationary shops sell adult colouring books, so you don't need to feel quite so childish.

TIP #2

Stand up, put your shoes on, (and hopefully your coat) and step outdoors. The outdoor world in which we live in has been subject to much unwarranted negativity since the arrival of 9-5 jobs, bustling cities and stressful lives. "I have to go out", "I've been out all day", "I had to leave the house at 7am." The syntax used to describe our beautiful, natural, utterly stress dispersing earth is almost totally negative. You may have been away from your house all day, at the office, on the train, in the shops. But ask yourself this: Have I spent more than an hour outside today? If the answer is no. Take the dog, or a bike, or just your feet and an iPod and go and look around outside where you live. This technique works for city dwellers and country bumpkins alike. Walk, cycle, mosey, browse, wander, watch the sunset in a field and discover the benefits of your newly free mind.

TIP #3

Outward not inward. When will I get paid? What is my husband getting me for Christmas this year? Have I lost weight? I need to get that new conditioner, my hair is a state.

Pause. Change the 'me, me, me'. Doesn't Sally look fabulous this year, maybe I'll go round and help her with her makeup before her date? He/she has had trouble with her washing machine lately, shall I ask him/her for a laundry date in town? I hope my husband knows how much I loved my present last year. I hope the cashier has a lovely day.

When we start to adapt our thought patterns to positive and helpful notions about other people, it stops our mind from worrying about ourselves and our overwhelming problems. This being said, if you are struggling with a persistent problem in your life, a problem shared is a problem halved. Talk to your loved ones about them and you in equal measure. They will appreciate the extra attention, especially during Christmas.

TIP #4

Brew it.The art of creating cup of tea is a ceremonious practice in many cultures around the world. Settle into the practice and focus on each step. What colour is the teabag? What does the powder smell like? (We're hoping clean and green...) What colour is the steam of the kettle? What noise does the kettle make when it hits 100C? How does the porcelain feels against the skin of your lips? What flavours can you taste? Sweet, floral, earthy, savoury? Wether its Matcha, English Breakfast, herbal or even coffee. Do it slow and reap the benefits. Trust us.

TIP #5

Breathe in. Breathe out.Our breathing can quicken and stifle when we experience panic and worry. This feeling constitutes as the air coming up from our upper lungs  instead of our lower lungs and can leave us feeling dizzy, sick and short of breathe. Your muscles tense up, your heart rate quickens, and your blood pressure is heightened. Not ideal. But the good news is, we can switch this up and stop it happening so often.

The 478 breathing technique makes it simple: 

  1. Start by making a loud sound when exhale completely through your mouth.
  2. Inhale through your nose to a mental count offour. 
  3. Then hold your breath for a count of
  4. Exhale completely through your mouth to the count of

There you go. Even if you can't tackle all of them, if they seem overwhelming or if you simply do one, you are already on your way to a freer mind and a reduced stress level to strut into the new year with.

Got any tips? Send them in to info@omgteas.co.uk and have your say on mindfulness with the hashtag #GratefulMe to remind us to be Grateful for the little things every day.

Disclaimer: We must remind our lovely readers that we are not qualified medical professionals but it doesn't take a medical degree to prescribe the notion of positive thought. Practise at your own risk.