5 Ways To Your Best Summer Ever, Fuelled By OMGTea

Here at OMGTea we are dedicated to making sure you enjoy your Matcha in the best possible way.

We want to help you feel great this Summer. It is such a great time to get outside and make amazing memories with your friends and family. We’ve identified 5 ways that drinking OMGTea matcha in Summer, can help you have the best summer ever this year. Here's some Summer matcha ideas.

1) Matcha gives you amazing amounts of energy

Sunbathing, chatting, travelling, barbecues, sandcastles and swimming are all so much fun, but they can be tiring! OMGTea Matchacontains slow release caffeine that gives you an extra, sustained energy boost. It will help to keep you energised all summer. You shouldn’t miss out on summer memories because of fatigue, and neither should you be guzzling loads of quick release caffeine in order to keep up, it’ll only make you more tired in the long run. The slow release caffeine in matcha means you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and enjoy all the beauty that summer brings - without feeling lack lustre or sleepy.

2) Help boost your metabolism

The beautiful sunshine we see over summer, whether it is here (find us sipping iced matcha lattes on Brighton beach!) or somewhere further afield, means we’re often looking to slip into something more weather appropriate. Feeling body conscious is awful, and if you dread digging out the bikini, matcha can help kickstart your metabolism. Feel more confident on the beach this summer, without suffering the side effects that unhealthy weight loss products can bring. We believe that all bodies are beautiful and bikini worthy, however if you’re feeling like you enjoyed a few too many naughty treats in the winter months, matcha can help you to boost that metabolism. It can help you to focus whilst in the gym and get you back to feeling fabulous.

3) Versatile

Our Matcha is a really high grade, which means it is so smooth and delicious blended into cool summer drinks like our matcha frappucinno. It's dairy free, with no added sugar and has a slow release of caffeine that won’t leave you feeling bloated. You'll feel refreshed, hydrated, energised and ready to enjoy the sun. If you’re feeling something slightly more cheeky for the long summer evenings, then why not try our OMGTea Matcha Mojito? Or the OMGTea Ultimate Hangover Cocktail. Our recipe e-book contains so many amazing recipes that show you how to enjoy your matcha in a range of different ways. There is no need to miss out on your matcha if you’re travelling either, as we also offer a supplement for on-the-go energy.

4) Antioxidants

Matcha is packed full of antioxidants that have been proven to fight age-related diseases. It can help to detoxify your body far better than unhealthy detox teas. As little as one cup of OMGTea a day can get you feeling great about yourself in time for the fast approaching summer holidays. Knowing that you are taking care of your body from the inside out means you can relax and rewind and not feel guilty about the occasional overindulgence. One cup of our matcha is equivalent to approximately 15 cups of regular green tea in overall nutritional value, meaning that you can get your antioxidant hit far easier this summer.

5) Get creative

Matcha is a great ingredient for getting creative with this summer. The powder means it can be combined and enjoyed with almost anything, so the sky really is the limit.

Blend it- into refreshing smoothies with juicy summer berries for the perfect warm weather breakfast.

Combine it- with immunity boosting ginger for a fiery kick guaranteed to leave you feeling ready to go.

Brew it- in your own iced lattes flavoured with vanilla, almond or coconut to enjoy the health benefits.

Some people have even told us that they loving using OMGTea to make matcha ice cream, why not give it a go? Summer is the perfect time to explore new things, so whip up a marvellous matcha concoction and share your creation with us, we love seeing what you guys have been up to when fuelled by OMGTea!

We hope that you’re loving your OMGTea, and that you will have the best summer ever whilst enjoying your matcha. Remember to keep up with us on Facebook, Twitterand Instagramto see what we’ve been up to, and let us know how you’re getting on too, use the hashtag #ExtraordinaryMe to show us your Extraordinary Summer adventures.


OMGTea x