Matcha Challenge 2022 Results

The OMGTea Matcha Challenge has been growing year on year since it started and this year was no exception, with more participants than ever before.

We started the OMGTea Matcha Challenge to encourage people to consume matcha daily, which is the best way to experience all the benefits it has to offer, and with an official start on January 1st, it’s a great way to kick off the new year. We aren’t into resolutions or the “new year new you” approach but we do think that small meaningful changes can have a big impact and daily consumption of quality matcha is definitely one of those things!

The duration of the Challenge is 21 days and at the end, we ask all participants to complete a survey with questions related to energy, mood, and overall health. We set the Challenge at 21 days as we think this is the ideal amount of time to give your body a chance to adapt to the healthy, restorative and energising effects of matcha.

Every year participants have consistently reported positive effects throughout the Challenge but this year, we have been blown away by the feedback received and are thrilled to be able to share it with you.

We also want to say a big thank you to everyone who signed up, particularly those who took the time to share their experience with us. 

And now to the results…

bowl of matcha on tiled background

92% of participants experienced an increase in energy

Most of us struggle with energy levels from time to time and this can be especially true during the dark days of January and February. It was therefore, really encouraging to find out that 92% of our Challenge participants experienced an increase in energy, that it was sustained over long periods and, without the caffeine crash often associated with other caffeinated products like coffee and energy drinks.

“I suffer from fatigue, so I normally have to nap most days, but I very rarely felt the need when drinking matcha. It was like a low-level energy boost throughout the day, without any caffeine crash.” 

“My energy is much more stable and less intense than with coffee. I enjoy a caffeine kick but find that the kick of coffee can be too intense and anxiety inducing. I love the energy Matcha gives me!”

“I used to find it easy to be an early riser but the past year or so I have struggled. But after 14 days of drinking matcha I noticed a difference. As soon as my morning alarm went off, I felt I had the energy to get out of bed and get my day started.”

“I would experience constant brain fog throughout the day and this is the first time where I’ve not had to rely on coffee to get me going through the day. Really amazed!”

“I felt as though I had more energy through the day and enough energy to do my work outs. I struggle with my mental health and your matcha has literally gave me the boost I need to get better both mentally and physically. Thank you deeply.”

cup of matcha next to macbook air and beats headphones on a marble background

87% were able to concentrate on tasks and/or work more effectively

Getting easily distracted or losing concentration isn’t uncommon but it can be frustrating, and with ever growing to-do lists and messages and notifications hitting us from multiple devices, it’s not surprising that so many of us get side-tracked when trying to complete tasks. Maintaining focus is key to our productivity and can deliver real benefits such as freeing up more time to relax, exercise, spend time with family and friends, etc.  It was therefore, wonderful to hear that an incredible 87% of participants felt that by consuming matcha daily, they were able to concentrate on tasks and work more effectively.

“I found I could concentrate at work and my personal development for longer periods without becoming distracted. I typically have a short attention span, so developing increased concentration because of OMGTea has been a significant benefit in my life and work.”

“I have a lot of problems with brain fog due to various health problems, and I really notice a big difference in what I can do in a day.”

“I felt I was able to sustain my focus throughout the day, and as a result I managed to get a lot more done at work during a very busy time”

89% of participants said that drinking matcha regularly made them feel like they wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle

breakfast bowl with matcha on a slate background with a flower next to it

Many participants stated that starting their day with matcha had a positive effect on other decisions they took throughout the day and beyond, particularly when it came to diet and exercise.

“Automatically you want to be healthier.”

“The ritual of making my matcha each morning as well as enjoying the taste really helped me stay on track with healthy choices and my overall well-being, which was greatly needed.”

“It felt like a good/right way to start the day. Fuelling my body with something I knew was good for me led me to want to continue putting the right kind of food into my body.”

“Knowing and feeling the benefits of matcha makes me want to lead a healthy lifestyle overall. Matcha gives me energy and motivation to stick to my fitness/workout goals. My diet is already pretty healthy, but I feel (strangely) that my regular matcha drinks make it easier to structure the rest of my diet as well.”

58% said that drinking matcha helped to curb cravings and cut out snacking 

Recent research on the relationship between fat oxidation and matcha (OMGTea) carried out by Acadia University (Canada) and in partnership University of Chichester, showed that matcha increases fat burning by 35% when combined with brisk walking and matcha can also help to regulate blood sugar levels. This effect can leave you feeling satisfied for longer, so it wasn’t a surprise to learn that nearly 6 out of 10 participants found that drinking matcha daily helped them to curb cravings and cut out snacking. 

62% noticed an increase in endurance during exercise

glass of matcha with lemon

Similar to our 2021 results, 62% of participants felt that they could exercise for longer when consuming matcha daily, but we also had feedback from some participants this year who were able to exercise in the evening when they were too exhausted to do so previously and some who even noticed they had more endurance for other physical tasks such as housework!

“I felt that, while doing the challenge, my energy was no longer what limited the duration of my exercise.”

“Having more energy allowed me to have a better exercise routine and it was more enjoyable.”

“I work out quite regularly and usually I would have very bad brain fog. On those days, I would have to drink more coffee, or I would leave the workout. But since having matcha, I have the energy to be consistent with my workouts. Even on the days I didn't have it in me, I was surprised to see I could still get in more reps.”

“I don’t really exercise however I have done more sewing, tidying and cleaning than usual.”

“Didn’t feel as bogged down.”

“Felt I had more to give.”

“I’ve been able to work out in the evening, something I would have never considered before because I’ve been too mentally exhausted after work.”

80% of participants noticed an improvement in their mood or general well-being

bowl of matcha next to a stack of books

Day-to-day life can be hectic and challenging at the best of times but the pandemic and current events have certainly put additional pressure on our general well-being and mental health.  A balanced diet, regular exercise and sufficient sleep are key to supporting your overall well-being and we were thrilled to learn that 80% of our Matcha Challenge participants noticed improvements in mood and well-being as well as lower anxiety levels when consuming matcha daily.

“Felt a lot happier, moved more, more productive and a clear mind.”

“I would say so, yes. I felt more calm and less anxious omitting my morning coffee and switching it to matcha.” 

“Much better mood and considering the personal issues surrounding our lives in the family right now that is a miracle.”

“This is probably the most powerful change for me after drinking OMGTea matcha every day: I feel way less anxious. Hardly anxious at all. My anxiety had been pretty bad lately (both due to stress at work and pandemic), but I’ve honestly felt calmer and not so anxious during this matcha challenge, so will keep drinking matcha. This is definitely the biggest help for me, as my anxiety was beginning to become a big issue for me in day-to-day life.” 

72% of participants felt more present in the moment 

matcha in a bowl being whisked

We already heard from participants that they experienced improved focus when it came to completing tasks and increasing productivity, but what about mindfulness? Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Easy, right? Not exactly! With busy lives come busy minds and just focusing on and taking in the moment ,whether it’s having a conversation with a friend, doing the dishes, or preparing a cup of matcha, can be highly beneficial for our mental state.

“My phone definitely moved down the list of things I enjoy as I was more able to find contentment in just doing day to day things.”

“I have been able to bring my focus to whatever is to hand much better than for a long time.”

“I seem to be able to do a task at home or work with full concentration, without thinking of the ‘job’ I need to do next. My mind is relaxed and not racing ahead thinking of other things I need to do. I seem to be able to just put those thoughts to one side.”

“I like to take the time out to make my matcha and reflect on the day ahead. Preparing the matcha takes a little longer than coffee but it has become a morning ritual and I enjoy taking the time to make something that is good for my body and health and dedicating that time to sip and reflect early in the morning.” 

46% noticed an improvement in their skin

Matcha is fabulous for general skin quality and blemishes as it’s anti-bacterial and loaded with antioxidants, the nutrients and enzymes responsible for fighting against the negative effects of UV radiation, giving us younger-looking skin and over time, it can also help to slow down the ageing process. We were thrilled to learn that in just 21 days, nearly half of all participants noticed a marked improvement in their skin, with many mentioning a healthy glow!

“Reduction in acne.” 

“My eczema seems to calm down from flare ups more quickly and my skin looked more even.”

“Better complexion and more "glow".” 

“A healthy glow.”

“I have a skin condition - Rosacea - and it’s noticeable how much better it is - that alone is so cheering.”

“Yes, brighter skin and reduced tiredness around the eyes.”

“Just overall looking less stressed.”

“My wife says my skin is positively radiant!”

72% of participants also noted other positive effects when drinking OMGTea daily, including feeling less anxious, better oral health, improved digestion, better sleep, and even better memory!

bowl of matcha with sachets


These results are extremely encouraging and hearing first-hand about the impact drinking OMGTea matcha has had on our consumers has been both humbling and motivating. We are sincerely grateful to everyone who took the time to share their experience with us.

If you should have any questions regarding this research or the Matcha Challenge, don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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