You may remember that we ran the OMGTea Matcha Challenge in January and February of this year.

The challenge was pretty straightforward, have a minimum of one serving of matcha every day for a minimum period of 14 to 21 days. 

All participants were entered into a prize draw to win matcha for a year and we were delighted to announce at the end of February that Victoria Bennet was the lucky winner who will receive a tin of our best-selling AAA Grade Matcha every month for twelve months.  Congratulations again Victoria!

At the end of the challenge, participants were asked to complete a survey in order to evaluate the impact the challenge. With the results all now in and analysed, we are excited to share some of the key findings with you.

Survey Key Highlights

The number one way participants consumed their matcha was as a tea, followed by 35% as a latte and 16% as a smoothie.

81% of participants experienced an overall increase in energy and more than 56% reported an increase in endurance when participating in exercise.

(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio)

71% experienced an increase in focus, with comments including:
• “I love how I feel calmer and it just allows me to focus on tasks”
• “I no longer feel the need for coffee to feel alert throughout the day and was able to have productive days at the office every day. No more afternoon slump!”

An impressive 90% of respondents said that having matcha daily made them want to lead a healthier lifestyle
• “It made me feel like I needed less sugary snacks during my day and no slumps after lunch”
• “Starting out my day right helps the whole day”
• “Having a cup of green goodness every morning made me more aware of what else I put in my body throughout the day”
• “I feel lighter, more energetic & motivated”

(Photo by Oleg Magni)

More than 87% of participants noticed an improvement in their mood and/or general wellbeing

94% said they would buy OMGTea again and 97% would recommend to a friend.

The main purpose of carrying out the survey was for participants to monitor their experience with OMGTea matcha. However, the insights from the survey have proved invaluable for us too. We were especially encouraged to hear that participants experienced significant increases in energy and focus and that drinking matcha every day encouraged them to to lead a healthier lifestyle.  The mission of OMGTea is to help people lead healthier lives so to see this feedback is incredibly rewarding and motivating.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.  Your input is greatly appreciated!