Valentines day: Meeting the perfect matcha & the art of self love

Have you met your matcha yet?  


It's Valentines Day 2018. Times are hard. Beards can hide all manner of sins and women are busy being women. It can feel utterly impossible to seek out your matcha made in heaven.

No-one knows if love is down too tinder algorithms, matcha-matics, or doing your best matcha-rena in the bar on Saturday nights. Finding the one is not easy.

But what if you had to look no further? This Valentines day, (no offence St. Valentino), we are practising the art of self-adoration. You don't have to be single to get on board with this. Singletons, married, or still finding your feet- you're all welcome to try. Wear your best top, light the expensive candle, and use the bath bomb you're saving for a 'special occasion'.

You are the special occasion & today is the special day. Life is far too short to not find yourself attractive. The more attractive you find yourself, the more confidence you will radiate. Fact.

All that really matters, is that you love yourself very matcha. Everyday. Treat yourself frequently, and invest in your body. A great way to do this is to start drinking matcha green tea regularly as it is packed full of amino acids, dopamine & L-theanine that makes you feel gooey, wonderful & full of love.

Words of advice on self-love:

  1. When you look in the mirror, however often this may be, SMILE. It might make you laugh, but that's a good thing! Studies have shown that individuals who smile are instantly more attractive. Think about the super-sonically smiley person who you know, aren't they wonderful?
  2. BOSSING IT.Believe, boss, behave. To love yourself, you have to believe there's a reason to. Write a list of 5 things you like about yourself, this is very hard in a world where self-promotion is frowned upon. You can throw away the list (or burn it) after. But, starting your internal computer to look at the positives in yourself is a step in the right direction. Bossing it, male or female, job or hobby, make sure you're bossing it. Feel like you're doing your best, and trying 100% will boost your confidence and radiate through to others leaving colleagues and friends thinking; "Wow, isn't he/she extraordinary today." Behave? This one hard. We're referring to behaving in the non-literal sense, like, doing positive things and activities, e.g., dancing, singing, learning a new skill, helping a friend move in, instead of negatives activities, eg. Drinking, smoking, not tidying, talking behind peoples backs. If you feel like you're doing positive things, and speaking about others positively, you will be oozingingly in love with yourself. <---- This is the best thing you can do for yourself.
  3. Embrace and think mindfully about where you come from, and what makes you, you. Noting down all the aspects of 'self' is a useful tip when thinking about who you are and where you come from. Example: Student? Teacher? Mother? Sister? Intern? Yoga lover? Cat obsessed? Workaholic? Artists?
  4. Caring for others, and showing strangers attention, and loved ones affection is certain to boost your mood too! Join us, the positivi-tea brand, and spread the love today. Make someone else day, to make yours.
    That's quite enough matcha puns for now. Bamboowhiskyourself off your own feet!🍵

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