How to Make Matcha Tea Without a Whisk

I love the ritual of making my matcha in the more traditional way. I put ½ teaspoon (1 gram) through a tea strainer to remove any lumps, add a small amount of hot water and whisk to make a paste before adding more hot water.  I let my mind wander while making a zig zag motion with my bamboo whisk to make the tea lovely and frothy and then contemplate the day ahead as I get to my favourite part, drinking it!  However, when I am on the go or in a rush, I adapt this ritual to suit the situation…

Here are a few less conventional but still highly effective techniques you can use to get your matcha fix quickly and on-the-go, using tools you already have.

Water Bottle

This is a no fuss way to make matcha. Simply fill your water bottle to a couple of fingers below the top or if it’s pre-filled, take a couple of sips and add your matcha.  Our sachets are already portioned into a single serving size and are ideal for using out-of-home and on holiday. Shake vigorously until fully mixed.  If you want something a bit sweeter, mixing with apple or orange juice provides a good alternative.

Hand-Held Electric Whisk

Using a hand-held battery-operated whisk will get you the frothiest result in the quickest manner. They are relatively inexpensive and do a really good job of mixing the powder evenly. Be careful not to turn the whisk on before putting it on the water or you’ll spray matcha everywhere (as I have done many times).  The same goes when removing from the tea. In this case it is better to use a cup or mug with higher sides instead of a bowl.  Aerolatte have developed a frother specific for making matcha that goes at a slower speed, which you can also purchase here in our shop.

Tea Strainer & Spoon

OMGTea founder, Katherine Swift, believes that the most important tool in making a good cup of matcha is a tea strainer. Quality matcha, like OMGTea, is very fine and therefore susceptible to lumps. By putting the matcha powder through a tea strainer before mixing, you will remove any lumps. Once this has been done, simply add a small amount of hot water and using the back of a teaspoon mix it into a paste. Add more water and enjoy! 

Milk Frother

If you already have a milk frother at home, this is another tool you can use to whip up a frothy cup of matcha. Add in a bit of water and sift the matcha on top of it. Add the remaining water and switch on. If making a latte, add in a small amount of water, sift the matcha on top and then add the milk. We recommend using non-dairy alternatives such as oat milk, coconut milk and almond milk. 

Nutri Bullet

Put the matcha into the Nutri Bullet, add water and turn on.  If using hot water, be careful when removing the top as the hot water will create a vacuum and it can be difficult to undo.  The Nutri Bullet is also ideal for making iced matcha frappes. Simply add matcha, milk (see above for suggestions) and ice and mix. Delicious!