Spring into Spring with Matcha

Spring into spring with matcha!

Do the right spring and nourish your body with the detoxing dream that is matcha green tea and you will flourish. Spring is the most delightful season, its time for daffodils and hope in the air or in most places, snow. But have no fear, the ice will soon start melting and the ground warmer, the wind kinder, and the sky brighter.

Today we are making a life of 3 things we can do with the new found, extra hours of daylight. Skipping in the park to up the heart rate, walking the dog the long way round for the view, painting in the garden until sunset (we might have to wear gloves around the paintbrush, but its the though that counts), making a homemade broth out of the vegetables grown in the garden (or from the local supermarket, not all of us have award winning veggie patches), walking to a friend or relatives house after work instead of driving and taking in the sights, even just reading a book by the window for a few extra hours. Whatever you can think of, adopt it, make it yours, and flourish in the rays of more sunlight. And hey, maybe we'll catch a bit of a glow in the process.

Why is spring so good?

🌻Exposure to sunlight triggers your body to produce the vitamin D3 and serotonin which keeps your bones strong and makes you happy.

🌻Spring equinox means our little Earth is perfectly aligned with the sun. That means more day to do things and fewer nights to be cold in.

🌻All the animals return. After fleeing south for a warmer winter the wildlife makes a jolly return. So there will be more birds chirping outside your window, and more squirrels to steal your sandwiches in the park.

🌻Trees are no longer naked. Spring sparks growth in plants and leaves making trees, parks and woodland areas leafy and blooming with life! And we all know that plants allow us to breathe easier and cleaner. So it's a win-win.

🌻Fruit and veggies are sprouting. The soil is now succulent enough for plant-based foods to shoot up through the ground and into our kitchens. Hoorah for fresh fruit and veg.

🌻Spring cleaning! There's no better time to pick up the broom and put on a long floaty dress and pretend you're Cinderella. De-dust, de-clutter and de-home any items that you know you defiantly didn't wear throughout the winter. If it hasn't seen the winter winds, donate it to charity so it can feel the spring sun on another lucky person's back. Donating clothes is good for beating the fast fashion industry, giving to those who are in need, and promoting a sense of a new beginning in your own life.

Happy Spring matcha lovers, we hope that however, you start your spring, that its filled with light and laughter.

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