Matcha capsules - how to get the benefits of matcha without the taste

All the benefits of Matcha Tea on-the-go

We all live extraordinary lives these days, with the pace of life moving quicker than ever. Sometimes we need a little help to keep going. We have created an extraordinary range of organic matcha green tea, specifically to help you to live your extraordinary life, on-the-go.

But sometimes there just isn’t enough time to spoon, whisk and drink the tea.

No problem, we've added a fantastic supplementto our range, we know that you live fast lives, and now you can get the benefits of organic matcha tea with even less effort.

Just two capsules contain the same amount of OMGTea Matcha tea as in one cup, and you still get all the following health benefits:

  • Increased energy levels and focus – this is why the Zen Buddhist Monks have been using it for over 800 years to aid their meditation.
  • The potential to regulate blood sugar levels & lower cholesterol
  • Our clinical study in women has shown that OMGTea can aid healthy weight loss
  • Abundant in detoxifying antioxidants.

1 cup of Matcha tea has the nutritional value of approximately 15 cups of regular green tea Packed with the potent antioxidant EGCg.

All of this from two tiny capsulesas well feeling great you can also be pleased in the knowledge that a percentage of our profits from this and all of our products goes to the Healthy Life foundation.Their mission is to support scientific and medical research, targeted at preventing degenerative disease. With the aim to extend both human health span and life span, thus improving quality of life nationally and globally.