The Luxury Set


Introducing the new super premium OMGTea Gift Set featuring our award-winning AAA+ organic matcha tea. 

This set is the height of matcha luxury and includes:

  • AAA+ grade organic matcha 30g 
  • OMGTea matcha measuring spoon
  • Fine tea strainer
  • Hand crafted 100% bamboo whisk (chasen)
  • Pottery whisk stand
  • Pottery matcha bowl (chawan)

OMGTEA AAA+ Grade Matcha Green Tea is a super high grade organic, premium ceremonial matcha tea that has been awarded a highly coveted 3-Star Great Taste Award 2022.

OMGTea AAA+ is made exclusively with leaves from the top of the plant and first harvest, ground using a traditional granite stone mill, a process that takes more than an hour to grind 30 grams.

This award-winning matcha tea is for matcha lovers who enjoy their matcha straight, as a tea, to truly appreciate its exquisite flavour.

Tasting Notes

  • Sweet, smooth with a silky mouthfeel and rich umami flavour
  • A beautiful luminous jade green colour compliments its fine fragrance.
  • The high quality of this matcha makes it ideal for koicha (thick tea)

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